Web Development

This is the new hosting package. This is where I’ll say something about why you should hire me. It’ll be stuff like that I take the time to get to know my clients, so that their sites reflect their personalities and the goals they have for their companies or endeavors (I work with non-profit organizations and individuals, as well as businesses), and that I place a high value on the experience of the visitors to my client’s sites.

For now, just use the links at the top of the sidebar at the right to take a look at some of my work, or check the About page for my (work) life’s story.

Feel free to contact me at kli at Illuminography dot com with any questions or comments.


This is where I’ll talk about supporting sites that someone else has designed, such as Dawson Consulting Group, or sites that I have designed, like the other sites in my client list. So even if you already have a site, but your designer took off for Belize, or your Admin got hit by a bus, I can pick up where they left off to make updates, adjustments or even an overhaul.


This is where I’ll talk about my photography, some of which can be purchased as stock at Fotolia.